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Why Trustmasters

There are thousands of law firms, paralegals, software sites, and document preparation firms that offer estate planning services. If you hire an attorney, you can easily spend $5,000-$10,000 for a basic estate package. Price should not be your primary determining factor in the selection of an estate planning document provider.
At Trustmaster we believe the following: “Price is only an issue in the absence of Value”

We know the quality of our Nevada document services is very high, we are committed to personal service. We are easy to work with and  extremely affordable. In a word Trustmaster offers tremendous “Value” to our customers for the services we provide! We look forward to working with you.

Legal Documents Without an Attorney?

You don’t need an attorney to file many types of legal documents such as Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney and Deeds, etc. Our strategic partner offers to us the same legal documents law firms across the country use. The difference is we are not attorneys, so we don’t charge attorney prices!

NV Legal Docs vs Paralegal

Under Nevada law (NRS Chapter 240A), you must be bonded, have a Nevada Business License, and be registered with the Nevada Secretary of State to be allowed to prepare legal documents forms. There are many paralegals and forms companies advertising these services that have not acquired the proper bonds and registration. As a registered document preparation service firm in Nevada, we provide invaluable assistance with routine legal services such as preparation, completion, and filing an array of estate planning documents.
Trustmasters vs. Typical Attorney
  •   Trustmasters offers flat-fee pricing attorneys typically charge by the hour
  •   Trustmasters pricing is fixed and transparent attorney pricing is variable and unknown
  •   Our Will/Trust-in-a-Box Packages include over 12 Documents for one price attorneys charge for each document
    drafted plus consultation fees, copy fees, phone calls and other fees.
  •   Trustmasters  offers services on-line & in-person attorneys prefer in-person hourly charges
  •   Trustmasters  offers flat-fee attorney review attorney’s typically bill hourly
  •   Trustmasters  provides an array of other services not offered by attorneys

NV Legal Docs vs On-Line Software Firms

There are hundreds of software websites selling legal documents forms and templates online. For simple forms such as bills of sale or rental agreements websites like legalzoom or rocketlawyer are fine. Creating estate documents requires integration of your estate medical directives powers of attorney and other documents customized to your specifics.  A do-it-yourself website with no option for professional help may be a bad idea.  We offer a low-cost do-it-yourself solution application as well. The difference is we review all legal documents for accuracy and completeness, and we provide personalized professional service when you need it. 

Why you Need a Living Trust

It is estimated that only about 20% of Americans have living trusts.


  • Your Trust is organized, established and funded-Anticipates the future
  • In case of accident, disability of death you’re are not caught off guard
  • Create security & a financial safety net in case of illness or disability.
  • Court cannot appoint Conservator to manage estate-you appoint a Trustee.
  • All your documents are immediately accessible in secure digital storage


  • Taking pre-emptive measures lets you retain control-no court involvement!
  • Clearly defines your intentions & directives, preserves life-story & legacy
  • Revocable Living Trusts can be changed & amended throughout life of Trustor
  • Reduce or eliminate family inheritance disputes & court contests
  • A-B trusts can be used to minimize or eliminate federal estate taxes/large estates
  • Lay out a business succession plan and details about running your business


  • Protects the estate from burdensome taxes, legal fees & government intrusion.
  • Protects your home and primary real estate!
  • Living Trust Assets are not frozen or vulnerable-Probate Court
  • Protect your business, hard earned savings & retirement for your family.
  • Advance generational prosperity to pass on to family and business.
  • Legal documents are protected from natural disaster-secured & stored digitally.
  • Creditors can attach assets in a living trust before the beneficiary dies.
  • After a beneficiary dies, creditors of the deceased cannot attach a claim to assets.

Probate Avoided

  • Probate Court process is expensive arduous, Grueling for grieving loved-ones.
  • Probate can freeze assets until case is settled- months to years in limbo.
  • Living Trust-Assets transfer quickly & with minimal expense to beneficiaries.
  • No family should endure the agony of probate-easily avoided with Living Trust.

Provides peace of mind!

NV Legal Docs provides our clients with comprehensive Nevada Legal Document Preparation Services, at extremely competitive prices. Our prices our low, our quality is high, and our commitment to customized personalized service makes us competitive with almost any discounted software website in the industry.

We look forward to working with you.

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